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DC's mission is to engineer athletes to move functionally with an overall goal of giving athletes a heightened skill set in their overall physical and mental abilities. this goal is carried out through executing three major skill-sets during each training session: Physical Ability, Technical Skills, and Tactical Understanding. 


  • Physical Ability is groomed with Drills that enhance speed, agility, strength, flexibility, and conditioning. 

  • Technical Skills are formed through drills that work on catching, shooting, hand eye coordination, passing, play execution; the primary focus is body awareness, controlled and the proper execution of specific movement patterns.

  • Tactical Understanding when built helps the athlete with game awareness, reading plays, and decision making. 

For the athletes he can't reach in San Diego, California, where he is located, he provides online training programs.


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300+ YOUTH

check in: pro athletes

Golden Tate: WR - New York Giants

Tim Patrick: WR | Denver Broncos


Pete Robertson: LB - Saskatchewan Roughriders




Branden Jackson: DE - Seattle Seahawks 


Tyree Robinson: Safety- Hamilton Tiger Cats


DJ Fluker: Guard- Baltimore Ravens


DeAndre Washington: RB - Kansas City Chiefs


Tony Jefferson: Safety - Baltimore Ravens


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coach dc

Dorian Crawford, aka Coach DC, is the owner of D.C. Athletics. Coach DC is a San Diego Native that graduated from Scripps Ranch high school with a full ride division 2 scholarship to Humboldt state university. Knowing he was destined for a bigger stage, Coach DC left Humboldt and joined the nation’s top junior college team, Mt. Sac where he earned over 20 division 1 scholarships. Ultimately, he chose to attend Texas Tech University where he was able to play in front of over 80,000 fans and gain his bachelor’s degree.

After college, Coach DC was not satisfied knowing there are many athletes lacking the training and resources needed to get to that next level. Coach DC engineered workout programs to mirror the work he experienced at these high levels. D.C’s program is full of mental and physical stimulation that overall will help athletes of all sports get to the next level whether that be a college scholarship or becoming an elite high school athlete.

Beyond the game D.C.Athletics has served as a mentorship program for these impressionable young athletes. Being an ear for these kids to discuss school, confidence, and every day issues—DC allows athletes to find seldom in his training sessions as the work on more than just their agility, they work on their confidence and mental health. Taking athletes of all levels and skill sets, D.C.Athletics develops players to be able to compete for top spots on competitive teams.

A message from Coach DC:

"My unique and competitive experience on and off the football field gives me

the edge over those that have not been in the same position, I have. With

dedication, heart, and with the help of the parents he believe we can get

the athlete to the next level and get their education paid for."

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